Non-profit health and wellness support and resources for cancer thrivers.

Our work is developed from a three-pronged approach: a plant-based lifestyle, physical exercise, and the formation of a positive mindset. Together, these elements will help enhance your well-being to greater heights than you could ever expect.

With this approach, participants have found empowerment in overcoming physical, emotional, and spiritual health obstacles. Our tools help fuel individuals with the self-esteem they will need to be overcomers in a world that judges them based on their outward appearance rather than the love and light that exist within their hearts.

Current Projects

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Raising money to subsidize the cost of plant based nutrition and holistic cancer treatments for cancer patients.
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Sponsoring all-inclusive 100% free Maui retreat weeks for terminal/pediatric cancer patients and their families.
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Meet the President & Founder

Dejuan “D Anthony” Evans is the son of our namesake, Cheri. He’s a cancer thriver, plant-based food guru, and inspirational speaker. Watch some of the below videos to learn more about him.

Become a Puffer Fish Partner

When I was in the hospital in the middle of battling several tumors and a terminal diagnosis, I was struggling to find hope and a reason to smile. My daughter made a puffer fish face at me and encouraged me to do it too, and that was able to make me laugh. Now, I encourage everyone I meet to show off their puffer fish faces – it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and to the people around you!

–D Anthony Evans, Founder & President

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