Wellness Oil

  • Join an exclusive subscription for a monthly delivery of Cheri's Wellness Oil right to your door at a discounted price. You'll never risk running out of our signature wellness product. The secret is out! We present to you a scientific evidence-based CBD formulation used daily by D Anthony Evans. Our single-origin CBD oil is made without any harsh chemical solvents. Shipped directly from our farm every month, you can be assured you are receiving one of the cleanest and highest quality CBD oils on the market today.

    $126.00 / month

Full-spectrum tincture
3000 mg
Medical PhD researched, patient tested

Single origin CBD
We source our Hemp flowers from a single farm to ensure maximal quality and consistency. Today, nearly all hemp products are sourced from farms around the world and bought out for the cheapest possible price, often sacrificing the potential quality of the hemp product.

Soil to Oil
Cheri’s wellness oil uses only two ingredients: hemp flower and MCT oil to gently extract the full raw essence of the flower. During the flower-to-bottle process, the hemp flower never comes into contact with ethanol, butane, or any other harsh chemical solvents.

3rd party laboratory tested
Each batch of Cheri’s Wellness oil is rigorously tested by a 3rd party to ensure our product is compliant with the most recent state and federal regulations (THC content <0.3%). Each bottle comes with a QR code that links to the bottle’s COA.

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