Health, wellness, & Tech Education

The opportunity to improve your well-being and mind should not be limited to the circumstances one is born into. We all have a right to live up to the utmost of the possibilities we are capable of. We provide necessary resources to those who lack the necessary access.

Our efforts have included:

  • Donating 3,000 desks to school children in Africa
  • Providing free cannabis and plant-based food to cancer survivors
  • Donating computers to children of inner-city Chicago

One part of our commitment to holistic awareness and health/wellness education is seen through our Lunch & Learn program. The Cheri Inspires team brings in a catered, 100% plant-based, meal for school children and encourages them in their passions while educating them on a plant-based lifestyle. We have seen much success with Lunch and Learn already, with many schools asking to have us come visit for a program and hundreds of kids touched by the power of gratitude and plant-based living.

Check out some of the work we’ve done!

Donating 300 desks to children in Africa.

Coaching on plant-based living at University of Illinois and classrooms around the country.

And we have big plans to continue making an impact!
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