What We Offer

Inspired by our mission, we have three current and future offerings that we’re providing to help cancer patients not only survive, but thrive.

Plant Based Living & Nutritional Education

Cheri’s Wellness Oil, a Raw Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture

End Stage Patient Sponsorship at Cheri’s Ohana Farm

Plant Based Living & Nutritional Education

D. Anthony credits his all-natural plant-based lifestyle, exercise, and a positive mindset to helping him through his cancer battle. In his own words, “The cancer in me is not gone; we’ve just made an agreement. I’m not going to put anything in my body to irritate it and it’s going to allow me to look like this [forming no visible tumors] and thrive and live my life.”

What has worked for him can work for you! D. Anthony and his mentor, master chef David Choi, have put together a proprietary Nutrition Plan to help guide you not just live, but thrive. The plan is based on D. Anthony’s personal lifestyle and is written by medical scientific researcher & plant-based master chef, David Choi. This guide demystifies presumptions of taking on a plant-based lifestyle. We emphasize that for a healthy eating plan to be effective, it has to be simple, flexible, and most of all–delicious!

The nutrition plan

Nutrition Plan

D. Anthony and David Choi

D and Rocky

D. Anthony’s cancer journey

YOU can thrive with plant-based living and gratitude!

Nutrition (4)
Nutrition (3)

End Stage Patient Sponsorship at Cheri’s Ohana Farm

Cheri Inspires is partnering with Bamboo Living to create an all inclusive, 100% free, Maui retreat weeks for terminal/pediatric cancer patients and up to 10 of their family members. Cheri’s Ohana Farm will provide visitors with an all plant-based, whole-foods, natural menu, yoga classes, and health experiences. Our goal is to provide visitors with a bed-and-breakfast retreat center in Maui’s Healing Environment to promote and share, co-founder D Anthony Evans’ Eat2Live/Train2Live “Love the Earth” lifestyle-philosophy.


Activities offered will include:

      • Organic farming
      • Plant based cooking & nutritional education
      • Equestrian Therapy
      • Yoga

We will also be allocating significant resources to community engagement and to promote Hawaiian culture. As an example of our commitment to the community, a community garden will be constructed to not only provide food for families, but to provide education on self-sustaining regenerative organic farming practices.


Our partner in this project, Bamboo Living, has been creating bamboo homes and buildings since 1995. Each of their buildings are International Code Certified, utilizes Grade A timber bamboo, and our materials are sourced and treated using the highest standards to ensure incredible strength, durability, and clean indoor air quality. Bamboo Living structural poles are thoroughly treated and third-party inspected with time-tested natural non-toxic borates, making their homes an inhospitable environment for termites and other pests.

Our retreat is coming soon… check out a sneak peek and sign up to get updates about it!

Cheri’s Wellness Oil, a Raw Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture

Both our namesake, Cheri, and our founder, D Anthony, utilized CBD in their respective journeys fighting neurofibromatosis. CBD has been a life changing help for many who are fighting cancer and/or lives with another chronic illness.

Today, we are proud to offer our own line of CBD oil to help you. We only use two ingredients in our oil–hemp flower and MCT oil to gently extract the full raw essence of the flower. During the flower-to-bottle process, the hemp flower never comes into contact with ethanol, butane, or any other harsh chemical solvents. Our single origin hemp flowers are sourced from our personal farm on the island of Kaua’i providing us with the oversight to guarantee a quality product.


  • CBD may help reduce chronic pain by affecting endocannabinoid receptor activity, reducing inflammation, and interacting with neurotransmitters.
  • CBD may alleviate some cancer-related symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and pain.
  • CBD use has been shown to improve some symptoms related to anxiety disorders.
  • Some studies have found that CBD reduces blood pressure and improves artery function.

(source: healthline)

Our single origin CBD oil is medical PhD researched and patient tested. It’s made without any harsh chemical solvents and is third-party laboratory tested. Shipped directly from our farm, you can be assured you are receiving one of the cleanest and highest quality CBD oils on the market today.

Health, Wellness, & Tech Education

The opportunity to improve your wellbeing and mind should not be limited into the circumstances one is born into. We all have a right to live up to the utmost of the possibilities we are capable of. We provide necessary resources to those who lack the necessary access. Our efforts have included:

  • Donating 3,000 desks to school children in Africa
  • Providing free cannabis and plant-based food to cancer survivors
  • Donating computers to children of inner-city Chicago
One part of both our committment to holistic awareness and health/wenness education is seen through our Lunmch & Learn program, where the Cheri Inspires team brings in a catered, 100% plant-based, meal for school children and encourage them in their passions while educating them on a plant-based lifestyle. We have seen much success with Lunch and Learn already, with many schools asking to have us come visit for a program and hundreds of kids touched by the power of gratitude and plant-based living.

Help us expand our outreach. Donate today and the entirety of your donation will go towards helping fund these programs.

Check out some of the work we’ve done!

Donating 300 desks to children in Africa and while coaching on healthy eating.

Coaching on plant-based living at University of Illinois and classrooms around the country.