4 Suns Fresh Juice


We are proud to be in partnership with 4 Suns Fresh Juice as the exclusive physical distributor of Cheri’s Wellness Oil. 4 Suns is located in Evanston, Illinois, right in proximity to where we grow the CBD for our Wellness Oil; continuing our commitment to giving you fresh and straight-from-the-source natural resources to help you on your health journey.


At 4 Suns, customers will be able to add 1ml of Cheri’s Wellness CBD oil into any drink for only $7, or purchase a 30ml bottle for $125


Our Wellness oil contains only two ingredients: organic coconut MCT oil & hemp. There absolutely NO harsh chemical solvents, is Medical PhD research patient tested, and contains ALL the plant cannabinoids found in the hemp plant (THC> 0.3%)

about 4 suns

4 Suns Fresh Juice was founded in 2019 by Gabrielle Jean-Paul Walker who always wanted to own a restaurant serving fresh and healthy foods. After working in the industry, she felt no better place to incept her vision than her hometown of Evanston, Illinois.


Using the centrifuge system of juicing, 4 Suns makes your drink fresh, just for you! Along with their delicious and nutritious menu offerings, 4 Suns takes pride in the black and Caribbean cultures of its founder Gabrielle. Those who visit 4 Suns will encounter these cultures throughout the space and be able to interact with it in all five of your senses.


Filling a gap in the community for a culturally rich, whole-foods, plant-based, & smoothie bar, the vision is to provide all people with life sustaining, nutritious dietary options. Through their menu, 4 Suns encourages generations to adopt a healthier lifestyle, evolve one’s nutritional awareness, and transform their bodies from the inside out.




In the Evanston area? Want to check 4 Suns out? Visit their website right now where you can view menu options, juice cleanses and subscriptions, place in-store orders, and learn more about their history.

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